JLD Dyke Stabiliser, more dyke for less money

Reinforcing dykes is of course of utmost importance, especially for Dutch people. JLD Contracting is the producer and supplier of the innovative JLD Dyke Stabiliser that ensures that dyke reinforcement is possible in a simple manner, but especially in a cheap and affordable manner.

JLD Contracting aims to make the JLD dike stabiliser an accepted dike-reinforcement system this year. It is our dream to offer people a more secure environment, proctecting them better against dyke failure and also to warn them in an earlier stage when dykes are weakened.


Major step in the development of dyke reinforcement

The practical experiments were completed successfully.

The first experiment was on the “green” test dike we made – the dike without the JLD dike stabiliser. Day and night, the weight on the test dike was steadily increased. And on Wednesday evening, 24 June, just as night fell, the dike failed according to our expectations and calculations.

For the second test – on the “blue” dike (reinforced with the JLD dike stabiliser) – the dike was loaded with approximately 1 million kg of steel and containers in order to bring about a breach. This dike also failed as expected – on Wednesday morning 6 July at 7:14.

It was a unique experience. And it was terrific to see the team’s excitement and reactions when the dikes actually failed.

Project POV Macro stability

Together with its partners Antea Group, Wiertsema & Partners and Deltares, JLD is developing the de JLD dike stabiliser. This development is an innovative dike-improvement technique whose purpose is to increase the inward stability (macro-stability) of dikes. This technique is executed and financed by Waterschap Rivierenland within the macro-stability POV, a project in the Dutch Flood Protection Programme (Dutch: Nederlandse Hoog Water Beschermingsprogramma – HWBP).

Next step in Dyke reinforcement

The completion of this phase of the testing signifies the culmination of nearly a year of field research. The data already gleaned from these tests will be analysed in the coming weeks and compiled in a report. This report will be submitted to the Expertise Netwerk Waterveiligheid (ENW) later for evaluation.

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